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Right Mindset Institute  is a Performance Management Company that offers a full range of consulting, training and organizational development solutions to strengthen employee engagement, improve individual and team performance, and transform culture.

We work with individuals and organisations to unlock and harness the skills, talents and potentials of the workforce using Gallup StrengthsFinder, Agile values and principles. Whether you aim to strengthen or reinvigorate your workforce, empower yourself for the next steps in your career or become more confident in your current role, we have tailor-made solutions and strategies to empower you and your employees to position yourselves for success.


Meet Chief Performance Coach

Lianne McNaughton

She's seen it, lived it, worked in it and is living proof of how strengths-based performance coaching and Agile principles and practices can make teams and organisations win!


With a BS and MS in Management of Information Systems and experience working at Gallup and Agile Transformation in Omaha Nebraska, Lianne discovered that she could utilise her knowledge of this field to maximise her strengths in developing people and optimising processes. 

Lianne has real-life experience in leading, empowering and developing people; creating a culture that fosters collaboration, productivity and self-organisation; and establishing processes that maximise business value. She is also passionate about encouraging and empowering youth, and founded Youth Can Do IT (YCDI) as her vessel to reach the youth.


The only certified Gallup Strengths Coach in Jamaica, Lianne is also a PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner and Certified SAFe Agilist. She has also successfully served in many roles including Agile Coach, Performance Coach, ScrumMaster, Project Manager and Consultant.

Lianne is powered by people, and has coached leaders locally and internationally. She has also worked with teams across a number of industries, including finance, government and academia.


Agile Business Lead

“As a manager I have benefited immensely from Clifton Strengths Finder and its optimization with Lianne’s team-based performance enhancement coaching.  This program has become the core of how I assign work. Rather than the even assignment of tasks, I now use the knowledge of the strength of team member as a guide with assignments. With the team working in their strengths, engagement, productivity and overall happiness has gone up.  The team as a whole benefited from team coaching.”


Technical Project Manager

In just a few months of coaching with Lianne, my mind shifted from floundering to results-oriented. As I went through the journey I started to operate with a daily focus on "what's my ask?", "what does success looks like?" and "what do I want to accomplish today?".  This new mindset helped me start a new job and career with a major social media company. I have achieved amazing heights that I never thought I could, thanks to Lianne's coaching.



“Lianne is an amazing listener and created a space where I felt perfectly fine being a work in progress”

What Clients Say



Developing High

Performance Teams

Want to make your team a high-performing one? Using the Strengths-based training, team members will receive coaching in thinking differently, and discovering how they can maximize their potential as an individual and collectively as a team to add value to the business. Your team members will also be guided through an in-depth interpretation of the report from their StrengthsFinder assessment, and receive coaching on how to create a plan of action that optimises the full strengths of the team at large.

Agile Training

and Coaching

Let’s face it – organisations often struggle with longstanding legacy rules and procedures, as well as an immense dislike of change. This training focuses on how your team can use principles and practices of Agile to transform organisational culture, structure and performance, improve customer satisfaction, and increase your team’s adaptability to changing circumstances. This training is not just about the latest ‘buzz word’ in management; it’s an actionable way to change.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership development coaching sessions will enhance your understanding of the power and potential inherent in your unique talents. As your coach, we will discuss your CliftonStrengths results,  and help you become more aware of where you use your natural talents in your life. You will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of your natural talents as identified by the CliftonStrengths assessment and be more prepared to apply your talents in meaningful ways to pursue the goals most important to you.


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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